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Bars & Clubs


This latest generation All in one POS Touchscreen Terminal stands out by its streamlined and patented aluminum die-cast housing design, True flat waterproofing Screen, Resistive or Projective capacitive touch screen. Spill-resistant and anti-dust features allow it to operate effectively even in harsh environments.

POSIFLEX XT-3015 Product Video Posiflex Fire and Rain Test




Wireless Ordering

Our Export Restaurant POS Software allows utilising your own tablets, such as Ipad, Ipad Mini, Windows tables, to take orders. Also, it can be served as a second terminal making your ordering much quicker and easier.



Kitchen Monitors

Orders from the front of house or wireless ordering devices are automatically sent to the kitchen. The ease of use allows kitchen staff to communicate directly with waiter/waitress with a simple touch. Orders are processed much quicker with less wastage and less mistake.







Business Reporting

Our various business reports help owners and managers understand the financial performance of a restaurant. Accounting and tax reporting information is retrieved from the manager’s workstation with a few simple commands.



Loyalty membership / Gift cards

Reward your valuable customers while increasing your sales and generating customer loyalty. Many ways to setup your loyalty system, some are as simple as ( coffee card buy 10 get 1 free), rewards points ( $1 = 1 point), and some can be done through more advanced programming, such as enabling different pricing for each membership levels. In addition, our software allows you to issue, redeem and track gift card balances all within the program. No add-ons or special equipment needed.




PC EFTPOS Integrated

This service is available with most major banks and allows the sale to be instantly processed via a pin-pad or pay pass.